• BFB #4 - Interview with Amie Dann owner of @amiedannphotography

    Best Friend Box Business Interview Q. Please can you tell us about yourself and how your love for photography came about? Amie: I have always been on the artistic side, I studied an Art & Design course in college which had a few aspects of photography and photoshop and once I had realised the... View Post
  • BFB #3 - Interview with Clara Challoner Walker of Cosy Cottage Soap

    So for today's blog we got the pleasure of meeting with one of our small creative business partners, Clara, the founder and CEO of  the lovely handmade range of natural soap, bath and body products, Cosy Cottage Soaps. Cosy Cottage Soap are a small creative business, based in Ganthorpe, Yorkshir... View Post
  • Perfect Night In

    We often plan our perfect night out, but why not switch it up and focus on planning the perfect night in? Best Friend Box have put together some top tips and what you need to make it happen.  Indulgent Comfort: No pants, no problem. Call it a guilty pleasure, or call it raw cookie dough – sometim... View Post
  • Welcome to Best Friend Box

      We see you’ve found your way to the blog! Let us be the first to say, welcome to BEST FRIEND BOX! The answer to gifting effortlessly and authentically to the most favourite people in our lives. You fill your box, we ship. We use small creative businesses to bring together all your favorite pro... View Post


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